Do you remember ? 
"The good old days" :  Assessors were objective, customers were rational and money was always available from the business.

We supply a full range of products to help you manage  your business more efficiently. 

  • HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED :  Now money is constantly drawn into the business.  

  • CUSTOMER'S SERVICE AND SATISFACTION : A Must!  With the CRA and SAMBRA to keep you on your toes.

  • ARE YOU AWARE :   The IT sector in South Africa has no watch dog to keep us on our toes.   For many computer businesses, it is still the "Good Old Days".  


Do you get good, honest and prompt service from your computer/system supplier?
Do you feel let down, or is it a case of "WHAT SERVICE !!?"


When you install our systems, you get our dedicated team thrown in as part of the deal. Click here to meet us
  • OUR CUSTOMERS : Range from family run Panelshops with a single computer to Corporate owned shops with 370 computers. Click here for referrals 

  • IF : Your present level of system service and support falls short of the service level which you provide your customers, please call us for a no-obligation discussion

  • IN ADDITION : As as extra service, we TRADE-IN existing software.


YES - we offer a trade-in on your existing system


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 T E A M   M A N A G E M E N T   S E R V I C E S   

             a proud member of the CRA                                                                                                                       a preferred system supplier of SAMBRA's