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Welcome to TMS

Do you remember ? 

“The good old days” :  Assessors were objective, customers were rational and money was always available from the business.

We supply a full range of products to help you manage  your business more efficiently. 

  • HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED :  Now money is constantly drawn into the business.  

  • CUSTOMER’S SERVICE AND SATISFACTION : A Must!  With the CRA and SAMBRA to keep you on your toes.

  • ARE YOU AWARE :   The IT sector in South Africa has no watch dog to keep us on our toes.   For many computer businesses, it is still the “Good Old Days”.  

  • Do you get good, honest and prompt service from your computer/system supplier?
  • Do you feel let down, or is it a case of “WHAT SERVICE !!?”
When you install our systems, you get our dedicated team thrown in as part of the deal.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS : Range from family run Panelshops with a single computer to Corporate owned shops with 370 computers. Click here for referrals 

  • IF : Your present level of system service and support falls short of the service level which you provide your customers, please call us for a no-obligation discussion

  • IN ADDITION : As as extra service, we TRADE-IN existing software.

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